The Pill - Oh How I hate it!

Info from some site I've looked at:

Typically, heavier women have a higher metabolism, so the pill hormones may be metabolized faster. So, the more a woman weighs, the higher her basal metabolic rate; this can shorten the duration of the pill’s effectiveness. If a woman has a larger body mass, it could be more difficult for adequate circulation to happen, especially given lower level of hormones found in most of today’s pills.

I'm 6'7" and quite busty, so I'm about 185-190 pounds and my metabolism is so high, that 3000-5000 calories doesn't affect me, I have a difficult time gaining weight, so for me The PIll is useless, 3 for 3 failed. I know I took every one of the pills so I didn't miss any, it's just not very effective for who I am. It works for millions of women, just not someone like me apparently.

How I realized I was pregnant again.

I've been breastfeeding the twins regularly and about a week ago I noticed my milk getting to be less productive. I thought it may have been the stress from dealing with my dad's death and being worried about my cousin Tamara. So yesterday morning I went to the lab and sure enough I'm 6 weeks pregnant, due around June 15th to 22nd.

I was hoping to be in a triathlon next summer, 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. It looks like my body has different plans. -.- Being only 6 weeks pregnant at the time of this posting, I won't know more until about 16 weeks about gender or if it's twins again or another single.

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