This page has guidelines for writing articles on the parenting wiki.

Respect Other People's Opinions

Some of the topics around pregnancy and parenting are controversial. If offering your view, make sure it is clear that it is your opinion, not a fact. Bear in mind that some people may not agree with your opinions, and where possible, back up your opinion with facts.

Feel free to write how-to's and tips, but make sure that they are presented as such, not as factual content.

Use Headlines

Use headlines to break up the text into sections. This makes the article easier to read, and wikia will automatically add a contents box to articles that have at least four headings, which makes it easier to find the information needed in long articles.

Add Categories

Add categories to your page. Categories make it easier for people to find related information. A full list of current categories can be found on Special:Categories. If there isn't a suitable category, add one and make it a sub-category of Category:Content.

Stub Pages

If the page is a stub (ie a page that needs to be expanded), add the Stub template to the top of the page by adding:


All stub pages are listed in the Stubs category, making them easier to find.

Further Reading

Wikipedia's manual of style also contains useful suggestions, but remember that the aim of Wikipedia is to create an encyclopaedia, whereas the aim of this wiki is to help parents. As such, how-to and tutorial type articles are not suitable for Wikipedia, but are encouraged here.